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Sister of Monterey, Carmel!

sunny 21 °C

Carmel is pretty much the same as Monterey but the beach is prettier ;)


And its a bit more expensive! If you ask me, just do the 17-mile-drive and that's enough :)

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Nothing Comes Close To the Golden Coast, Monterey

First of all one day will be enough for Monterey. Spend some time in the 17-mile drive until the sunset and then have a dinner back at Monterey Beach, perfect day.


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A place to look over at San Francisco.

sunny 20 °C

Berkeley is kind of a small town near San Francisco that is famous for its UCB. Its a pretty charming university I gotta admit that. If you wanna stop by here make it at night and... :

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San Francisco, City of Art

"East is East, and West is San Francisco." - O. Henry

sunny 23 °C

San Francisco is the ultimate place for photographers. There are various beautiful sceneries around the city that is worth seeing. Such as the Russian Hills, Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Area and the Pier 17. Here's a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge:
You should also visit union center if you seek shopping and a good dinner at the Cheesecake Factory :)
Last but not least go visit Sausalito (across the Golden Gate Bridge) and eat some Italian!

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Napa, Stop Whining & Start Wining!

Napa Valley, CA

sunny 30 °C

Napa was an interesting stop for me, wineries were just beautiful. If you wanna stop by a winery; Black Stallion is a new one and its quite good. Here's a photo of it:


Last but not least, buy some fresh strawberries and cherries on the way, they're delicious!

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